the gloss color

An oil-based, ammonia-free, acidic pH demi coloring treatment that guarantees amazing color tones without lightening or modifying the hair’s structure.

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creative permanent color

A conditioning and protective cosmetic base to maintain hair integrity and condition the hair shaft, while protecting scalp and hair during the hair color process.

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9-minutes permanent color

The first permanent color that guarantees maximum results in just 9 minutes. Comes in 36 intense and radiant color shades.

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smoothies semi-permanent color

A tone-on-tone conditioning semi-permanent hair color cream. Vibrant pigments give an incredible shine, while our ingredients add softness and condition the hair and scalp.

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direct color

An innovative and gentle cosmetic hair color that performs with excellent results.

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no inhibition multicolor

A permanent hair color that guarantees brilliant luminous results with a rejuvenating effect on hair.

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