mirror-like shine

In Hollywood it’s called the glass hair trend and it’s loved by influencers: it gives super-shiny hair that’s silky soft and extra smooth, so shiny you can almost see your reflection in it.

Introducing the latest innovation in shine: milk_shake® insta.light

This unique 4- step in salon service gives clients super sleek, shiny hair that lasts up to 3 washes. Bring the glass hair trend into your salon.

We’ve all heard of brow lamination—a service that transforms sparse, unruly brows into in the fuller-looking, face-framing brows we all crave. With insta.light, milk_shake is bringing these results to hair!

We combined the theory behind ultra-popular brow lamination services with the desire for super smooth, sleek, shiny hair to create the insta.light service.

In just 30/60 minutes* the client will have lustrous hair that will last up to 3 washes.

*depending on the quantity of hair and hair length.

mirror-like shine

milk_shake® insta.light is a simple, 4-step in-salon service that coats the hair follicle to create mega-watt shine.

With a combination of powerful active ingredients, insta.light not only creates intense shine, but it also delivers an extra dose of hydration, while making hair appear fuller.

Perfect as either a stand-alone or add-on service, your clients’ hair won’t just look great after an insta.light treatment, it will feel softer and healthier too!
  • Step 1: wash with insta.light shampoo 
  • Step 2: condition with insta.lotion liquid hair mask 
  • Step 3: seal with insta.potion leave-in treatment
  • Step 4: protect with milk_shake lifestyling thermo-protector 

Watch & Learn

milk_shake insta.light overview
milk_shake insta.light overview

milk_shake insta.light overview

insta.light after-care

To prolong the effects of the insta.light in-salon service we recommend sending clients home with retail-sized insta.light shampoo and insta.lotion.

While part of the in-salon service, clients can use insta.lotion in place of their regular conditioner.

Your clients will love it:
  • easy to apply
  • quick to rinse out
  • detangles hair
  • quicker drying time
  • extreme shine effect
  • … and a gorgeous fragrance!

Active ingredients

The combination of natural fruit extracts for softness, hyaluronic acid for hydration, and our signature milk proteins for strength ensures that insta.light leaves your clients’ hair feeling healthier than before the service. Plus, the unique addition of almond proteins seals the cuticle, making hair ultra soft and extra shiny.

sweet almond proteins

Cover the hair fibre and seal hair cuticles, giving hair elasticity, softness and shine.

milk proteins

Have a conditioning and nourishing effect, giving hair strength and softness.

hyaluronic acid

Penetrates into the hair’s structure, balancing the hydration levels within the hair.

fruit extracts

Lemon and blueberry give the hair radiance, shine and silky softness.

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