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milk_shake make my day papaya booster

Beauty that starts with a smile! Make My Day Boosters is an exclusive in-salon service that has intensive nourishing properties. Each booster is formulated for specific hair needs can be combined with the make my day nourishing milk mask for a delicious, extra nourishing sensorial experience. 

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What is milk_shake make my day papaya booster?

milk_shake make my day strawberry booster is a hydrating serum with papaya. The additional prickly pear active ingredient gives hair protection and nourishment. It is an exclusive in-salon treatment that has intensive nourishing properties.

What does it do?

When combined with the make my day nourishing milk mask, the papaya hydrates and gives shine to coarse, dry hair.

Who is it for?

It is ideal for coarse and dry hair.

new radiance for your hair

An exclusive in-salon treatment with intensive nourishing properties that is designed to boost the well-being of the hair, depending on different hair needs.  


Ideal for:
  • coarse or dry hair
Use if you are looking for:
  • extra hydration
  • intense nourishment


Active ingredients chosen with care.

Ingredient Image

papaya extract

hydrates and gives shine

Ingredient Image

prickly pear extract

gives hair protection and nourishment

complete your routine