911 color correction

  • Date: Aug 05 2024
  • Price: $225
  • Course Type: In-Person
  • Category: Coloring

course details

Help! Help! During this workshop, we will help you learn how to navigate and find solutions for ALL of your color correction needs. You will be given the opportunity to overcome the challenges associated with repigmenting, decolorizing, maximizing grey coverage, and achieving hair color longevity.

CLASS TYPE: Hands-on color class

INCLUDES: Light Refreshments, Snacks, Lunch,Mannequin, Swag Bag.

TOOLS NEEDED: Working Kit, Spray Bottle, Tail Comb, Fine & Wide Tooth Combs, Styling Brushes (Round, Flat, Vent), Sectioning Clips, Blow Dryer, Color Board, Color Apron, Small Elastic/Rubber Bands, Preferred Gloves (if needed), Notebook, Pen.


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