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milk_shake 9-minutes permanent color - mahogany shades

Mahogany Light Brown 5.5 / 5M
100 ml / 3.4 oz

.5/ MAHOGANY- Red Violet tones.


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.5/ MAHOGANY- Red Violet tones.

The first permanent color that guarantees maximum results in just 9 minutes.

36 intense and radiant color shades

/ Advanced technology combined with balanced pigments to guarantee the same results as a regular permanent color with reduced processing time

/ maximum grey coverage

/ conditioning base that guarantees soft, shiny hair

/ darkens or lifts

/ mixing ratio 1:1 (1:2 for high lifters) with milk_shake® oxidizers

Hyper-fermented daisy extract - a worldwide exclusive ingredient for concept rich in proteins, amino acids and vitamins.

color that's good for hair

The first permanent color that guarantees maximum results in just 9 minutes.

  • perfect color
  • maximum coverages
  • shiny hair in a fraction of the time


milk_shake ® 9 minutes contains a larger quantity of pigments within its formula which are balanced to obtain grey coverage and color in just 9 minutes.

The active ingredients within milk_shake® 9 minutes enrich the coloring service with extra care for the hair’s health

Active ingredients chosen with care.

Ingredient Image

sunflower oil

with an emollient action, gives manageability.

Ingredient Image

amino acid complex

plant-based keratin with 18 amino acids from wheat and soy with an anti-oxidant and protective action.

Ingredient Image

blueberry extract

emollient, hydrating and nourishing.

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