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milk_shake active milk mask

milk_shake active milk mask has a rich restructuring formula that deeply nourishes and strengthens dry or damaged hair. Integrity 41® helps to maintain hair color, milk protein gives body and strength, and avocado and rice oils, honey extracts and vitamin E provide intense conditioning. Hair is left soft and radiant.


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conditioning milk mask for dry or damaged hair milk_shake active milk mask is a rich restructuring mask, created to deeply nourish and strengthen dry or damaged hair. Milk protein binds to hair structure, giving it strength and body. Avocado and rice oils, honey and fruit extracts, special moisturizing agents and vitamin E condition the hair shaft. Integrity 41® extends color life and leaves hair soft and shiny.

the sweetness of nature to nourish hair

Masks inspired by pure nature to nourish all hair types.

ideal for:
  • all hair types


use active milk mask to:
  • restructure and strengthen dry hair

  • deeply nourish the hair

  • protect hair color

Active ingredients chosen with care.

Ingredient Image

milk proteins

conditions and restructure the hair

Ingredient Image

avocado oil

moisturize, condition and add smoothness

Ingredient Image

rica bran oil

hydrates and nourishes scalp and hair

Ingredient Image

integrity 41®

sunflower seed extract, rich in anti-oxidants polyphenols, to protect from free radicals and stress factors that can damage hair.

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