3 ways insta.light can help increase your salon profits

3 ways insta.light can help increase your salon profits

At first glance, insta.light may seem a little...extra. After all, it is a purely cosmetic service that doesn’t address any underlying hair health concerns. It does, however, give incredibly soft, shiny, glass hair.  

But how can that help your salon?  

We’ve come up with at least three ways that you can position insta.light  in your salon to give you a major boost in profits. Let’s take a look.  

Add-on services boost ticket size 

We all know that adding on a treatment can help boost ticket averages. This seems pretty intuitive when you’re doing a color service, and you want to add in a strengthening or deep conditioning treatment. But what if your client's hair is already healthy? 

What if there are no major hair concerns—how do you justify an add-on treatment? That’s where insta.light comes in—because who doesn’t want shiny hair? 

Let’s say your regular client comes in for her typical root touch-up and trim. You can take her finished look to a whole new level in less than 60 minutes by adding on an insta.light treatment before styling.  

The average cost per application of an insta.light service is right around $4 US dollars.  We’ve seen salons charge anywhere from $25-$60 for this service, depending on salon pricing and location. If you add on 1-2 insta.light services per day, that can add up to some big profits over time.  



Built in retail opportunity. 

Suggesting retail after a service is one of the best ways to not only increase salon profits but sustain them over time. The effects of the insta.light service last up to 3 washes, however, clients can prolong these effects by using Insta.light Shampoo & insta.lotion liquid hair mask at home.  

What this means is that not only do you have the opportunity to increase your ticket price by adding on the insta.light service but you have an additional income opportunity by sending your client home with the insta.light after care duo.  

The breakdown 

Suggested cost of insta.light in-salon service: $25-$60* 

Suggested retail price of insta.light shampoo & insta.lotion: $55 

Total additional income: $80-$115/guest 

Total cost: $25 (CPA service $4 + retail items) 

Total profits: $55-$90/guest 


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