5 Support Strategies for Increasing Salon Retail Sales

5 Support Strategies for Increasing Salon Retail Sales

Owners and stylists alike are always on the look out for new Ideas to increase salon retail sales. While there are many universal ideas that can be applied to a wide variety of retail settings, z.one concept has some unique strategies of our own for our family of creative stylists and business owners. From interactive displays to innovative sampling techniques, these strategies will give your salon a competitive edge when it comes to retail sales.


Tip #1: Visual Merchandising

Strong visual displays are a part of any successful guest-oriented merchandise set up. Z.one concept has an array of marketing pieces for salons to enhance their product display. Using a combination of visuals indifferent areas of the salon can help to guide a potential buyer to their perfect product.

Z.one concept supports this approach by providing tent cards with catchy verbiage that can be displayed directly on a stylist’s station, posters with eye-catching models, and product shelving with attached images and information. These tools are designed to bring brand awareness to the consumer in order to increase retail revenue in the salon. By reinforcing brand knowledge during services, guests will know to return to the salon to purchase all of their hair care needs.


Tip #2: Social Media Support

In today's ever-growing virtual world, z.one concept is at the leading edge with creating imagery for salons and stylists to use with their social media, text, and website marketing efforts. These images are designed to bring awareness to the consumer of z.one concept products and services offered by our family of salons. The images are brilliantly designed to incite emotion and curiosity in a potential guest, inspiring them to call or visit their z.one concept salon.

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Tip #3 Product Sampling

According to a poll conducted by the United States Postal Service, eighty-one percent of consumers said they would try a product after receiving a sample. Moreover, sixty-one percent of brands polled said that sampling a product is the most effective way to get a consumer to try a brand. Z.one concept offers a wide variety of samples from their numerous product ranges. Additionally, they have created a unique box to showcase these samples. When the sample box is presented to a guest correctly, the outcome is sure to bring more retail sales to the salon.


Tip #4 Printed Professional Support

Beauty z.one—a bi-monthly promotional magazine—has been a big part of z.one concept's culture for in-salon purchases. This magazine is not only full of deals and sales, it also contains proven strategies for increasing retail sales.

Some of the ideas presented in the bi-monthly magazine include gifts with purchase, BOGOs, and percentage. These concepts serve to inspire and support salon owners and stylists in their efforts in crafting effective product combinations to address their client’s various needs.

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Tip #5 Product Education

In the world of truly effective retail sales, a salesperson must truly know and understand their product. In the beauty industry specifically, stylists must know their products' proper usage, expected results, and ingredients. Z.one concept is a leading company in promoting education for stylists to  to fully understand our products. After all a product can only truly become a favorite if it addresses the needs of the client.

Our unique approach to product education aims to develop understand as a way to effectively prescribe the appropriate products for each client’s unique needs. This not only increases immediate retail sales, it also encourages future, repeat purchases. In order to support our stylists, we offer a wide range of education through social media, webinars, and other digital avenues. A calendar of these offerings is also found in the bi-monthly promotional magazine and on our brand’s social media pages.


Z.one concept is a company that is invested in supporting our salon owners and stylists in increasing retail sales. From our eye-catching, consumer friendly branding, to providing unique supporting tools and strategies for salon sales development.  By using these five tips, your salon will not only increase retail sales; you will also increase and nurture the most important thing between a salon and its clients—loyalty.

  Eloy Villareal Market Development Manager