6 tips to increase your salon's word-of-mouth marketing

6 tips to increase your salon's word-of-mouth marketing

When most people think of salon marketing, they may think about social media posts, flyers, or loyalty programs. While these are all great ways to find new clients, the best way to market your salon happens right in your chair.  

It also happens at the basin, the front desk, and in the waiting area. Creating a unique experience in your salon is the foundation of any good marketing plan.  

Find and create the magic touches that will WOW your guests—not only will they be back, but they’ll also tell their friends.   

Here are 6 ways to create memorable experiences in your salon:  




Make it personal. Build a relationship with your clients. Take notes on the things you discuss during the appointment so you can follow up with the conversation next time. To make them feel special, mention their new jobs, recent birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and vacations. Taking a sincere interest in their lives will result in repeat visits and loyal guests.  

Make it fun. (Or Surprise & Delight). For extra fun add small touches like a candy bar and/or unique beverages and snacks, to your salon experience. Your guests will appreciate extra entertainment like beauty magazines for inspiration, create a playlist with “feel good” background music, and maybe add a tablet to stream their favorite TV show during the appointment.

A fun “selfie area” in your salon is another great idea. Incorporate elements or surprises, and unique touches that exceed your guests’ expectations.   

Offer unique services. Think of how you can differentiate yourself from other salons in your area by offering unique and memorable experiences. Adding in-salon treatments that not only work great on hair, but look and smell amazing when applied, will create a unique sensorial experience for your guests.

Plus, a storytelling on the benefits of these treatments will show your professionalism and interest offering the best for your guests. Have you tried our color cocktails served in martini glass? Or custom Make My Day hair health treatment? Make the reccomendations that show you care.  




Add value. A salon visit is a pampering experience for your guest, so make them memorable by offering little extra treats. Indulge them with a scalp massage, or a small treatment or mask at the basin. When finishing, ask if they need any tips on how to style their hair at home— give a little blowout, curling or finishing tutorial (and suggest retail products to go with it). 

Customization. Take the time to listen what your guests want, no matter if it’s their 1st visit or it’s one of your regular guests. Tailor your guests’ in-salon experience to their individual preferences and needs, creating a sense of exclusivity and personal connection.

Ask about their biggest hair challenges and tailor the salon experience around that. A specialized care routine or “hair prescription” at the basin is one small extra step towards making your guest feel extra cared for.  

You can follow this up with a consult on the best take-home products to match their needs and lifestyle. 

Follow up. Keep the magic connection alive by following up after their salon visits. Show your guest that you’re still thinking about them even after their appointment.

Share things like proper care tips to extend their color, style etc. You can do this through email, text, social media, postcard—whichever method fits you and your salon best. The point is, you are demonstrating care even after your guest leaves the salon.  

When guests have an exceptional experience at a hair salon, they are more likely to come back and share their experience with friends, family, and social media. Positive word-of-mouth generated through great experiences can boost your salon’s reputation and attract new customers.  



Kristine M.,’s official title for milk_shake north america is Director of Marketing, but unofficially she is the heart. Kristine and her husband brought milk_shake to North America in 2007 and have grown the company exponentially in the years that have followed. Working directly with the Italian headquarters, Kristine specializes in creating resources to support salon professionals and envisioning a bigger, bolder future for the entire milk_shake family.