A guide to milk_shake retail toning products

A guide to milk_shake retail toning products

Keeping cool-toned guests brass-free between appointments is an important part of their color after-care. Not to mention a great way to preserve the integrity of your work AND increase your retail profits. milk_shake offers several options for guests using at-home toning products. Let’s breakdown when to recommend each one.  


Toning Shampoos/conditioners 

Probably the best known at home toning product is our toning shampoos and conditioners. Available in three different pigments, these toning duos pack a powerful, brass-busting punch. You can find a full guide on these duos here, but here’s a quick refresher: 

Icy Blond: black pigments, neutralizes brass & deposits ash tones 

Silver Shine: purple pigments, neutralizes underlying yellow tones 

Cold Brunette: blue pigments, neutralizes underlying orange/red tones 

Pink Lemonade: pink pigments, deposits pink tones onto hair 

These easy to use cleansing and conditioning products are perfect for weekly use by the guests who is looking for a simple, easy to use way to keep their cool tones, cool.  


Leave-in toning products 

An alternative approach to brass busting at home is our leave-in toning products. These no-rinse formulas are designed to be used after a guest’s normal cleansing routine. The pigmented effect lasts until the next wash. 

Silver Shine Whipped cream: a hydrating, purple-tinted foam that neutralizes yellow undertones 

Toning Sprays: a no-rinse, fine mist spray that detangles and hydrates while neutralizing brass. 

Icy Blonde: a black pigmented leave-in spray with grapeseed oil and berry extracts. Deposits ash tones 

Silver Shine: a purple pigmented leave-in spray with organic berry extracts that neutralizes yellow undertones.  

Cold Brunette: a blue pigmented leave-in spray with moringa oil that neutralizes orange/red undertones 



Light catcher Fast toning 

These unique gel-based products are slightly more technical, requiring a shade match and 5-20 minute processing time, depending on the desired result. However, the effects last longer and the tones are more customizable. Please note that Fast Toning gels do not require a developer but DO require rinsing after processing time is complete. Light catcher Fast Toning are SLES, SLS, Ammonia, and Paraben free. 

Available shades: 

  • 038 / NGB natural golden moka 
  • 008 / NNB natural moka 
  • 046 / NCR natural copper red 
  • 071 / NVA natural violet ash 
  • 017 / NAV natural ash violet