Beauty is Love: Help up support children around the world

Beauty is Love: Help up support children around the world

This fall, to support our global community through giving, sales of limited edition releases of our best-selling products will directly support global children’s health initiatives. Special editions of leave-in conditioner, incredible milk, and whipped cream will feature original artwork by an Italian artist with a passion for philanthropic work.

Having a positive impact on our global community is at the heart of what we do and children are the heart of that community. To invest in the health and well-being of children is to invest in the health and well-being of our global future. These values drove our decision to focus our efforts on supporting children’s heath initiatives, as part of our global charitable work.

 Milan-based artist Gregorio Mancino—artistically known as GREG—creates work that brings joy to the spaces that need it most. Designed to remind vulnerable populations that they are loved, he creates large scale paintings of brightly colored hearts in hospitals, schools, prisons, and retirement homes. GREG’s work is mostly donated to charitable organizations, as his main hope is to:

 “Bring a smile to the world with my art.”


The artist is particularly concerned with the treatment of children, making it his personal mission to see that sick children around the world are treated in the best way possible.

Featuring GREG’s art as the symbol of this endeavor was a natural choice, as the spirit of his work so perfectly captures the joy of giving and a global community united by love.

Sales of our special edition leave-in conditioner, whipped cram and incredible milk will support Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals, a well-known organization whose mission is to save and improve the lives of as many children as possible. This well-known organization provides high quality medical care to children in need., treating more than 20,000 children per day. milk_shake North America pledges to donate $25,000 to Children’s Miracle Network, through the proceeds from this limited edition campaign.

Our family of salons can help to support this worthy cause by encouraging their clients to donate simply through purchasing of their favorite products. Proceeds from every sale of the limited edition leave-in conditioner, whipped cream and incredible milk will go directly to the organizations, who are devoted to making a real difference in the lives of children around the world.