everything you need to know about light catcher lift & balance

everything you need to know about light catcher lift & balance

Light catcher soft light marks the beginning of something beautiful for milk_shake hair color. This innovative color family will change the way you blond. Within this new color family there are several different products designed to give you all of the tools you need to create your most beautiful blondes.  

While we will touch on the entire line up of light catcher products, the Q & A presented here will focus mainly on Lift & Balance—our high lift color cream + grey coverage. 

As with any new way of approaching technical services there is a learning curve. We answered your most burning questions about this new category of color.  

Q: What is Light catcher? 

A: Light catcher soft light is a high lift color family that consists of two sub-categories: soft light and spotlight.  

  • Soft Light 
  • lift & balance- super highlifter cream with grey coverage, available in 3 shades; .01/NA, .03/NG, .13/AG 
  • light layers- super high lift cream for natural and color treated hair. 
  • soft light- 40 vol oxidizing emulsion (Please note soft light is not recommended to be used alone. It can only be used when mixed with lift & balance or light layers).  
  • Spotlight-COMING SOON! 
  • Sunlight 
  • Starlight 
  • Moonlight 



Q: What is lift & balance? 

A: It is a super high lift cream for hair with grey coverage. 


Q: Can I use lift & balance on dark hair?  

A: We recommend using lift & balance on natural bases from levels 6 or higher that requires grey coverage. 


Q: Can I use lift & balance for grey coverage on 100% white hair? 

A: We recommended using lift & balance for 30%-70% greys. The higher percentage of grey hair the more translucent color results will be. 

Q: Can I use the lift & balance to highlight the hair? 

A: It is not recommended.  


Q: How many shades are available? 

A: Lift & Balance is currently available in 3 shades:  .01NA Winter Morning, .13AG Desert Sun, .03NG Golden Hour 


Q: When would I use lift & balance? 

A: Lift & balance is recommended to be used when using a high lift color that requires grey coverage. Recommended for 30%-70% grey hair. 


Q: Can I use the lift & balance to highlight? 

A: It is not recommended. Lift & balance is designed to deposit color while providing lift, making it an excellent choice for grey coverage in lighter clients. 


Q: Can you use lift & balance for grey coverage? 

A: Yes! Lift & balance gives 4-5 levels of lift to natural bases and gives perfect grey coverage, with an even and natural-looking result.  
It should be used on 30%-70% greys. Ideal for natural base levels 6 (dark blond) or lighter. 


Q: Can I mix lift & balance with any other colors? 

A: It is not recommended. 


Q: What is soft light? 

A: Light catcher soft light is both the name of this color sub-category and its dedicated 40 vol oxidizing emulsion. Soft light is designed to be used with both light layers AND lift & balance—the other high lift color cream in this category.   


Q: What’s the mixing ratio and processing time when using lift & balance? 

A: The mixing ratio is 1 part lift & balance + 1 part of soft light 40 vol (12%) oxidizing emulsion.  
Processing time: 45 minutes.  


Q: Is there a corresponding shampoo? 

A: While you are free to use any milk_shake shampoo with the Light catcher soft light family, we highly recommend following with Color Specifics shampoo & conditioner. 


Q: What is the consistency of lift & balance once mixed? 

A: Lift & balance is a cream-based color with a medium-thick consistency. Ideal for regrowth or color global application. 

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