FAQ about milk_shake Decologic BLACK

FAQ about milk_shake Decologic BLACK

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about the new milk_shake Decologic Black


1. What does the fact that it neutralizes warm tones really mean? 

  • Thanks to a combination of charcoal and special pigments resistant in a high oxidising treatment, it has the ability to contrast the yellow-orange tones that can appear following lightening, with a neutral final result.

2. Does the hair still need to be toned after applying milk_shake Decologic Black?

  • If the final goal is of a neutral / cool blond, in most cases after the rinsing and conditioning phase, no further toning step is required. However, in any case, if a fashion shade is desired then you have the option to tone the hair to your selected target shade.

3. Does charcoal have other special features?

  • Yes. It is able to absorb polluting particles deposited from the environment, which can be potentially harmful to the skin and hair, and then remove them and take them away during rinsing. These characteristics make the charcoal powder an excellent purifier.

4. Which lightening techniques are more suitable for such a special product? 

  • milk_shake® decologic BLACK is suitable for any type of lightening technique. The technique chosen will then determine the most suitable mixing ratio.

5. What is the mixing ratio of milk_shake Decologic Black?

  • freehand application: 1:1.5 (example: 30g cream + 45g oxidizing emulsion 10, 20, 30 or 40 vol)
  • application with stripes/foils or other support materials: 1:2 (example: 30g cream + 60g oxidizing emulsion 10, 20 or 30 vol)
  • total lightening and decolorization wash: 1:2 o 1:3 (example: 30g cream + 60g or 90g oxidizing emulsion 10 or 20 vol)

6. Can I use all volumes of milk_shake® Oxidizing Emulsion?

  • Like all our lighteners of the milk_shake® decologic system, this new product can and must be mixed with the most appropriate oxidant according to the desired result and goal. We remind you that according to our working method, the oxidant at 40 volumes (12%), is rarely recommended since it is possible to obtain excellent lightening results even with lower volumes.

7. What happens if I apply Decologic Black on previously lightened hair?

  • It goes without saying that there is no reason why a lightener should be applied to previously lightened hair! Having said that, it happens for all "pigmented" products, if milk_shake® decologic black is applied to previously lightened / bleached hair, the grey / black pigment could be absorbed by the hair on very light areas and the hair could take on shades with grey tones

8. What is the positioning of Decologic Black within the Decologic system?

milk_shake® Decologic black increases the value of the entire milk_shake lightening system
  • For a slower and more gradual lightening, milk_shake® decologic lightening powder
  • For faster lightening, milk_shake® decologic blue lightening powder
  • For maximum lightening, milk_shake® decologic level 9
  • For freehand lightening, milk_shake® decologic clay balayage
  • For total lightening and damaged hair, milk_shake® decologic total roots
  • To lighten and obtain neutral / cold blondes in a single step, milk_shake® decologic black

9. Can Decologic Black be inter-mixed with other Decologic lighteners?

  • For 1- Extra Level of Lift and Tone Control Mix:
▪ milk_shake® Decologic Lightening Powder + 30% milk_shake® Decologic Black ▪ milk_shake® Decologic Blue Lightening Powder + 30% milk_shake® Decologic Black ▪ milk_shake® Decologic Clay Balayage + 30% milk_shake® Decologic Black
  • ForExtraToneControlMix:
▪ milk_shake® Decologic level 9 + 30% milk_shake® Decologic Black
  • Example of the mixing ratio:
▪ 30g of Decologic lightening powder + 30% of milk_shake® Decologic Black = 9g + 1.5, 1:2 or 1:3 oxidizing emulsion

10. What's the processing time for Decologic lighteners?  

  • All milk_shake Decologic lightener’s processing time is up to 60 mins
  • milk_shake Decologic Black processing time is 30 mins up to 60mins

11. Can Decologic Black be applied directly ti the scalp?

  • Our corporate position, regarding the application of lightening products directly to the skin, remains very ethical and serious. The causes that can sometimes trigger extremely dangerous reactions on the skin after the application of a lightening product are endless and unpredictable. By virtue of this, we maintain a somewhat responsible position and will continue to argue that we must be very careful and avoid skin application if possible. Nevertheless, our milk_shake Decologic Black product has a certification from the University of Ferrara, which declares the suitability of the formula after patch tests performed on people who have not presented any irritation, during and 24 hours after application on the skin. For total lightening and decolorization wash: 1:2 o 1:3 we do recommend 10 or 20 Vol oxidizing emulsion.

12. Why is Decologic Black a higher cost compared to other lighteners?

  • milk_shake Decologic Black combines two actions at the same time, combining the toning phase with the lightening phase. In most cases toning is not required, unless you need to balance a previous tone on the hair or have a desired target shade in mind.