Get to know the milk_shake lighteners

Get to know the milk_shake lighteners

Have you been introduced to the Light catcher family yet? This ultra-powerful lightener line includes several new products specifically designed to deliver beautiful blondes, while respecting the health of your clients’ hair. Let’s get to know our new blonders 

The categories 

Light catcher is the overall family name of our latest innovations in blonding products. This family is then sub divded into several categories of products, each designed to address a specific need for blonding. While new product will continue to be released, the current available categories within the Light catcher blonding family are softlight and spotlight.  

Softlight is our category of high lift color creams. Within this category are Lift & balance—a super high lift color cream that lifts and deposits tone—making it perfect for grey coverage. Also, within soft light is our Light Layers—a hightlift color cream that creates soft touches of light when used on natural hair.  

Light catcher > softlight 

Lift & Balance: a high lift color cream that also deposits tone (available in 3 shades) 

Light Layers: a high lift color cream that lifts 2-3 levels, an creates the illusion of movement 

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The spotlight category contains all of our powder lighteners. Within this category is Sunlight—a lightener that provides up to 7 levels of lift with a thicker texture that is well siuted to freehand techniques and Starlight a blue-toned lightening poweder that lifts up to 8 levels. Stalight is designed to be used with foils/meche/stripes/ 

Light catcher > spotlight 

Sunlight: a lightener designed for freehand techniques, provides up to 7 levels of lift 

Starlight: a lightener for all techniques, provides up to 8 levels of lift 

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Why is the light catcher family unique? 

Results. Spotlight (lighteners) provide a gorgeous, clear raw lift. This creates the perfect blank canvas for creating radiant blondes. 

Support. Softlight (high lift color creams) support colorists in their most common blonding challenges: regrowth, grey coverage, & existing color.  

S6: Why else is light catcher unique? 

Health. All of the blonding products in our light catcher family put the health and integrity of the hair first.  

Natural ingredients + health focus= stronger, more radiant blondes.  

S7: Interested in learning more about milk_shake lightcathcers products? 

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