Hair care after hair color is part of the process

Hair care after hair color is part of the process

Hair color is arguably the best thing that has ever happened to the salon industry. It offers stylists a chance to stretch their creativity while demonstrating a valuable skill. Plus, it gives clients a chance to see themselves in a completely new way.

It can also be pretty hard on hair.

Even with the gentlest, most nourishing hair color, most color processes cause damage, it’s a fact of salon life. Add into that the constant stress of styling, and hot showers and your clients are probably sitting down with less than perfectly healthy hair to start. Without the right foundation, color processes can be compromised, and even worse, exacerbate pre-existing hair damage.

Luckily, there are ways to prevent this. By educating your clients on the importance of hair care, you can help them to better enjoy their hair color.  It’s time to talk to your clients’ about how they are caring for their hair when they are not in your chair.

Haircare before hair color

It’s no secret that healthy hair is beautiful hair, but did you also know that stronger hair takes color better? Performing an intensive repair and nourishing treatment one to two weeks before  a coloring service will increase tensile strength and help to balance porosity. This reduces the chances of breakage (in the case of high-lift lightening) and uneven color.

W've all had clients who want to make a major color transformation when their hair's health is already compromised. In this case, recommend that they book an Integrity reconstruction or repair treatment before that big color service. Getting their hair in tip-top shape is a sure way to protect their color results.

For clients who don’t have that level of extensive damage, you can send them home with integrity nourishing muru muru butter pre-shampoo treatment, or integrity intensive treatment.

After color care products

Hair can be a little tender after an intense color process. While you can provide immediate triage at the shampoo bowl, it’s important that your clients keep up with maintenance at home. Directly after a color service, clients can use milk_shake color maintainer balm to both nourish their hair and protect color from fading, while adding softness.

To boost hydration, you may want to include an active yogurt mask. This mask is designed for hair that is mostly healthy and requires regular weekly maintenance. An extra application following a color process will help with that upkeep.

Clients with some existing damage, with a serious need for moisture would be better served by a milk_shake active milk mask. This deeply nourishing mask is perfect for clients with a typical amount of damage, experiencing some after color dryness.

Those with more extensive repairing needs should definitely be using milk_shake integrity. Send your most heavily damaged and dry client’s home with integrity nourishing muru muru butter to use before and after their service.

And everyone should go home with moisture plus lotion. These sweet little vials deliver an intense dose of hydration, which will restore shine and intensity to color. Clients can use this as a weekly treatment, to maintain optimal moisture levels, post color service.

For as much time and effort as we spend coaching clients towards their perfect shades, we should also be educating them on how to properly care for their hair color investment. One of the best ways to do this is to encourage a supportive care regimen both before and after their scheduled service.