3 ways to retail holiday kits

3 ways to retail holiday kits

It’s no secret that clients have a hard time buying hair products as gifts. Without an in-depth knowledge of their loved one’s hair type, texture and desired style it can be hard to know which products are a sure bet for a slam-dunk gift. That’s where you come in. To make holiday gift-buying a breeze, we’ve broken down the sales process into three easy steps. This approach allows you to guide our client toward the perfect gift for everyone on the list.

Gifts by budget

Most clients have a gift list that includes a wide variety of people close to them. It can be hard to find a smaller gift for neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances that feels luxurious, without breaking the bank. Enter, our holiday minis. they say good things come in small packages and they were right. Our mini ornaments pack a serious punch, in a tiny, decorated package. Our top-3 sellers have been repackaged for the holidays and work on every hair type, making them the perfect stocking stuffer or sweet treat for your client’s second cousin, twice removed. 2023 Mini Holiday Ornaments:
  • Leave In : Our #1 best-selling leave-in conditioner for all hair types. Smells like actual heaven.
  • Leave in Flower: Vegan-friendly formula with a gorgeous sweet floral scent.
  • Whipped Cream: no rinse conditioning & protective creamy foam for all hair types.
  • Incredible Milk : A smaller size of our do-it-all leave-in spray for all hair types.


Who are they Buying for?

If your client is looking for a truly great product for someone that they love, but aren’t exactly sure what hair needs they have, direct them to one of our holiday special editions. These two powerhouse products work on every hair type, for a variety of looks. It’s the perfect way to truly treat someone, without risking offending them or mis-identifying their hair needs. 2023 Holiday Special editions:
  • milk_shake Lifestyling Amazing: our revolutionary styling spray that gives you super smooth, frizz free hair with a mirror-like shine that lasts through 2 washes
  • Incredible Milk: The name says it all. This 12-effect wonder moisturizes, improves manageability, and protects against frizz. Works on all hair types.          

Gifts for Family Members & Close Friends

If your client is looking for something very special to put under the tree, you can help them choose the perfect gift set by asking a few qualifying questions. Are they buying for a blonde or someone with grey or white hair? Or someone with another color-treated shade? Are they buying for someone who has complained about dry hair or static? Is there someone on their list with very dry and /or damaged hair that could use some extra love?
  • Integrity TRIO: Integrity Shampoo, Conditioner & Incredible Milk Leave-in

Do they have someone who loves pink and is looking for something a little less sweet and a little more floral?

  • Flower Power Trio: Color Care Flower Power shampoo, conditioner and lncredible Milk leave-in spray treatment

Do they have color-treated friends or family looking to keep brass out of their new tone? Our pigmented DUOs are the perfect go-to:

  • Icy Blond DUO: for ultra-light/platinum, cool blondes who want to keep ash tones in their hair.
  • Silver shine DUO: for light blondes looking to neutralize brassy undertones.
  • Cold Brunette DUO: For dark blonde to medium brunettes who want to keep the warm out of their brown tones. 
As their trusted hair guru, you have the power to help your clients choose the perfect gifts for everyone on their list. This year, we’ve got you covered with some of our best-selling and fan favorite products all paired up, decorated,  and ready to give.