How do the milk_shake temporary color lines compare?

How do the milk_shake temporary color lines compare?

Sure, you’ve dabbled the GLOSS, flirted with Smoothies and fell for Creative Permanent Color, but did you know that there are more milk_shake hair color lines to love? In addition to our permanent, semi-permanent, and demi-permanent color lines, milk_shake is also home to 2 different temporary color lines. Let’s talk about what makes them unique, and when you should use them. 


milk_shake Direct Conditioning Color 

What it is: 

  • A direct formula that stays on the surface of the hair  
  • With high quality coloring pigments for rich and shiny tones that are highly versatile. 
  • Gel-based formula adheres perfectly to the shaft, for optimal color depositing on the hair. 
  • Ammonia-free 
  • Does not need oxidizers 
  • Temporary color 

This color family is designed for in-salon use. It can be used alone or combined with our milk_shake whipped cream to create a unique color conditioning service. Known as the milk_shake direct color cocktail service, it was designed to pique client curiosity and start a conversation around the experience of hair care.  

the Direct Color Cocktail Recipe 

Ingredients: 15 ml of milk_shake Conditioning Direct Color 5g of milk_shake whipped cream 

  • Decorate the glass with approx. 3-5 ml of the chosen milk_shake® direct color shade.  
  • Fill the glass with approx. 5 g of milk_shake® whipped cream.  
  • Add more direct color into the glass for a total of approx. 15 ml for the treatment.  
  • Mix the direct color with the whipped cream evenly.  
  • Apply to clean, damp hair  
  • Leave in for 10 minutes, then rinse well and proceed with the most suitable milk_shake® leave-in treatment and styling products 


milk_shake Color whipped Creams 

These small-but-mighty retail powerhouses are a temporary, pigmented leave-in conditioner. Unlike the direct color cocktail service, milk_shake Color Whipped Creams are designed for at-home use.  

milk_shake color whipped creams come in 12 shades and contain our signature milk proteins. Meaning they are both fun to use and really, really, good for client’s hair. They impart long-lasting hydration and temporary color.  

Color whipped creams can be used to deposit color on very light or platinum blond hair, however they are designed to refresh tone-on-tone color, between salon visits. If your client wants to use color whipped creams to ‘try-on” a new or fantasy color on their ultra-light or platinum hair, be sure to send them home with milk_shake  Deep Cleansing Shampoo, to remove all pigment from the hair.  

When to use which 

  • Use Conditioning Direct color in-salon, as a hydrating, color refresh service OR a temporary color service on very light to platinum blond hair 
  • Use Color Whipped Creams as a supporting color retail product. Clients can use this product between salon visits to refresh existing color and hydrate hair.  

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