How Fashion Hair Colors Can Help Your Retail Business

How Fashion Hair Colors Can Help Your Retail Business

Incorporating more fashion hair colors into your hair color service menu can give a big boost to your salon business. Whether you’re encouraging your clients to try out a soft pastel or embracing a bold new neon, creative colors typically require a lot of processing , followed by a ton of maintenance

It can be tempting to look at the big ticket price of performing a creative color service and stop there. Adding an additional color service onto what likely starts out with a color lift makes the service price jump up pretty quickly. But  just like with our high maintenance blonde clients, it’s really the aftercare retail that makes creative color color service a worthwhile time investment on your part.

Fashion Hair Colors for the Real World

We were all there when unicorn hair had its moment. You couldn’t scroll halfway through your Instagram feed without seeing purple and pink highlights everywhere. It seemed like everyone was hopping on the fashion color bandwagon.

While unicorn and mermaid hair may not have the same fever pitch popularity these days as they did in the recent past, that trend explosion served a very real, long-lasting purpose; it paved the way for alternative hair color to enter the mainstream.

Suddenly, it wasn’t so strange to see a bank teller with a turquoise bob. After seeing so many different types of people with the full-on look, incorporating a few creative colors here and there doesn’t seem so off the wall. While this mindset certainly gives colorists a little more creative freedom in their day-to-day business, it also opened the door for clients to have more fun with their personal style.

How to Encourage Creative Colors

It’s one thing to watch a trend evolve out in the wild, it’s quite another to practice it in the salon. What works for big cities or coastlines doesn’t necessarily fit a clientele in more conservative areas. So how can your typical suburbanite be encouraged to branch out a little and try something new?

Why, with their professional personal style consultant leading the way, of course.

You know your clients better than anyone. If they are getting bored with their typical balayage, or looking to spice things up in other areas of their life, a little color could go a long way. Recommending a few well-placed fuchsia highlights, or baby blue tips can help to shake things up for both of you.

If they are a little shy about having an alternative color showing all of the time, think through how they typically style their hair. This can help you determine a placement that will allow for their new color to be shown off when and where they are most comfortable with.

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Introducing After Color Care

Fashion hair colors require a bit of extra maintenance. Both pastel and bold alternative hair color have a tendency to fade quickly. Beyond the normal recommendations for after color care, you’ll want to recommend something to refresh your client’s new fashion colors.

The easiest way for a client to maintain vibrancy at-home, between touch-up appointments is with Color Whipped Creams. These sweet little leave-in treats will not only deeply condition your clients hair without weighing it down, they will deposit temporary color that lasts for up to 2 washes. Color whipped creams are very easy to apply, and come in 12 colors.

A great day to introduce this product to your clients is after performing a Whipped Cream Cocktail service in the salon. While applying their color cocktail, you can explain to your client that they can get similar results at home, to help maintain color vibrancy. Of course, their results will not last as long as the cocktail service in the salon, but the super-simple application method is worth the trade-off.

While not every client may be a good candidate for fashion color incorporation, it never hurst to make the suggestion. You are the expert that your clients look to to help guide them on their personal style journey and your opinion matters. If you truly feel like your client would look fantastic with a little orange sherbet or soft pink mixed into their natural strawberry blonde, tell them! Your suggestion may just be the final push they need to branch out and try something new.