How to become a milk_shake content creator

How to become a milk_shake content creator

Are you ready to take our relationship to the next level? We are putting together a digital dream team of content creators to help us spread the milk_shake love. We are seeking innovative colorists and stylists to help spread the word about how milk_shake products are the perfect match for salon pros. Milk_shake content creators will get exclusive access to new products before their official launch, in order to create informative, delightful content for our social community.  In addition to helping us shape the way we communicate with our digital communities; content creators will also help to co-create the program itself. We want to work with you to shape a program that both supports salon professionals in growing their online presence and social media savvy while also helping us to spread the milk_shake love across the internet. The milk_shake content creator team will be instrumental in helping us to shape our online communities, while also creating a program that benefits the creators themselves.  Sound interesting? Read on. (or if you’re already “in” you can APPLY HERE) 

Who are we looking for?

Salon professionals who currently use/carry milk_shake products and have a passion for creating online content.  

What do we want you to do?

As a milk_shake content creator, you will craft short videos for our online communities that are informative, inspirational, and/or just really, really, funny. Specially we are looking for you to show off your best: 
  • before/afters
  • dramatic transformations
  • favorite upstyles
  • products tips & tricks 
  • salon humor & more! 

Where will this content live?

Mainly Instagram & Tik Tok, though we reserve the right to promote content across all of our digital media channels. milk_shake content creators will receive full credit and be tagged in the posts that they create.  content-creators-visual-1

Why would I want to become a milk_shake content creator? 

As far as swag goes, milk_shake content creators will receive exclusive product access, editorial exposure, and complimentary educational and PR opportunities. Beyond that, you have the opportunity to help us shape a truly unique program. milk_shake content creators are part of an on-going conversation that will continue to shape how we do business. We aim to host regular check-ins and roundtables, and continually invite your feedback and suggestions. You won’t just be applying to be part of a program, you’ll be helping to create it along the way.

What qualities are you looking for in a milk_shake content creator?

We take our commitment to the professional beauty industry seriously. If you want to join the team, you need to be a licensed salon professional. period. no exceptions. We aren’t interested in the size of your following as much as we are your skill set and personality.   Here are a few key things we look for in applicants: 
  • Professional skill level 
  • Familiarity with our products 
  • Genuine enthusiasm for our products 
  • A sense of humor 
  • Willingness to try new things 

What is the application process?

If this sounds like the program for you, then let’s get you ready to apply! The application process consists of two parts:  
  • a short questionnaire 
  • a video that explains why you’d be a great milk_shake content creator.  
You’ll want to create your video ahead of time, so that you can attach it to your application. We review each application personally, and if our team feels that you’d be a good fit, we will be in touch!  Ready to apply? Click here >>>