How to use milk_shake Creative Permanent Color

How to use milk_shake Creative Permanent Color

With milk_shake creative permanent colour, the possibilities are endless! By far our most popular color line, creative permanent colour provides the tools you need to express your artistic side while protecting the health of your clients’ hair. This long-lasting permanent color has a wide range of shades, spanning 18 different tonal families. Like all our color products, this color is designed to improve the condition of the hair, while delivering vibrant and multi-reflective tones. Creative permanent color is intended for use on all permanent color clients, including grey coverage.  

Guide Contents

  1. Mixing ratios & processing times
  2. Benefits of Creative Permanent Color
  3. Shade Guide & Tonal Families
  4. Creative Permanent Color Grey Coverage
  5. Clear & Neutral Use Guidelines
  6. Ordering Information

Mixing Ratios

 1-part Regular Tonal Series + 1.5 parts of Oxidizing emulsion 5 vol, 10 vol, 20 vol, 30 vol, 40 vol.  Mixing Ratio for Highlifters & Clear   1-part Highlifters/Clear + 2 parts of 40 vol. Oxidizing emulsion)  Processing Times: 
  • Darken/Tone: Combine with 5 volume minimum 20 minutes Lighten up to 1 level: Combine with 10 volume minimum 30 minutes 
  • Lighten 1-2 levels: Combine with 20 volume minimum 35 minutes 
  • Lighten 2-3 levels: Combine with 30 volume minimum 40 minutes 
  • Lighten 3-4 levels: Combine with 40 volume minimum 45 minutes 
Get the full technical manual HERE. 


Creative permanent color is SLES, SLS & Paraben free. This cream-based color has a built-in protective UV filter to reduce color fading and a delightful honey-scent.  Creative color contains our signature milk proteins, which conditions hairs and work with existing keratin to strengthen and protect. Our unique formula also includes blueberry extract—a natural antioxidant, and natural honey to nourish, enhancing shine and softness. Sunflower oil works as a deep emollient, providing manageability, while our plant-based amino acid complex —derived from wheat and soy—restores and strengthens hair structure.  Overall benefits: reduces frizz and static, increases softness and manageability.  color-chart-visual

The Colors

View the entire swatchbook, HERE  128 shades in 18 tonal series.  
  • /N-Natural: natural grey coverage with a slightly cooler tonality to counterbalance natural warmth 
  • .0/NN- More Natural: balanced primary colors for a neutral result. Intended for clients wanting stronger grey coverage. 
  • .01/NA: Cold Natural shades cover greys and give an instant neutral/cool shade. 
  • .1/A- Ash: with cooler blue or violet tones. Combats unwanted warm tones, from golden to gold/copper tones in hair. 
  • .BB/- Blue Black: deep black shade with blue pigments 
  • .11/AA- Matte: with cool green and blue tones. Combats excessive red/ orange tones, to create an intense ash effect. 
  • .13/AG- Beige: a combination of golden and ash tones, to create balanced tones for colour that requires cool tones, maintaining the shine of a golden shades; ideal for all blond levels. 
  • .3/G, .34/GC -Pure Gold strong golden tones. These should be used to create results with intense golden tones, to neutralize unwanted cool tones. 
  • .4/C, .43/CG- Copper: recommended for pre-color services or to temper cool tones.  
  • .5/M, .56/MR Mahogany: delicate red-violet/copper-violet tones. Add red and copper in small quantities to enhance their tone. 
  • .6/R, .66/RR, .666/RRR, .61/RA, .76/VR-Red: Vibrant, radiant color with intense red tones.  
  • .7/V, .77/VV- Violet: intense purple tones.  
  • .8/B, .84/BC, 86/BR, .87/BV, .88/BB- Wood: Moka- Cool /neutral browns with a violet chromatic scale that call to mind natural wood tones. 
  • .14/AC, .16/AR, .31/GA, .41/CA- Chocolate: a range of brown shades that goes from the deep intense tones of dark chocolate to the lighter hues of milk chocolate.  
  • .35/GM- Coffee: Deep tones with superior grey coverage. 
  • .431/CGA- Exotic: A perfect balance of golden copper tones that creates a series of warm browns.  
  • .14/AC, .15/AM, .16/AR, .313/GAG, .314/GAC, .413/CAG - Sensual Warms: mixes cool and warm tones to create vibrant tones. 
  •  Highlifters: Intended for use on virgin hair, level 5 or higher.  
  • Metallics: A defined grey undertone, intended for use on lightened hair. Can only be used with 5 vol or 10 vol. Oxidizing emulsion. 
creative-models-visual Additional shades: 
  • Specials: a strong tone with no corresponding level. This tonal series will intensify the result of the desired shade.  
  • Clear: (Color Booster) A neutral formula that can be mixed with other shades to create ½ level to 1 level of additional lift or added directly to developer as a neutral lightener.  
  • Neutral: desaturates the intensity of any creative colour shade. Its special formula is pigment-free and has an alkaline base, its function is to dilute any creative colour shade. 

Grey coverage

  • 0%-30% grey -use target fashion shade 
  • 30%- 70% grey- use ¼ Natural or .0/NN, + ¾ Target Fashion Shade 
  • 70%- 100% grey-use ½ Natural (1 level darker) or .0/NN (Target level) + ½ Target Fashion Shade 
Pro Tips: 
  • 10 vol helps with grey coverage on fine to medium hair 
  • 20 vol helps with grey coverage on coarse or resistant hair 

Using Clear

Clear is a color booster that contains 3% ammonia. For grey coverag add 10% Clear to your formula example:   30g color X 10% = 3g clear = 33g + 49 g oxidizing emulsion  To Boost ½ level of lift: 
  • ¼ Clear + ¾ color, mixing ratio: 
  • 1 part color (regular tonal series) + 1.5 parts of oxidizing emulsion  
  • 1 part color ( highlifters series) + 2 parts of oxidizing emulsion 
 To Boost 1 level of lift: 
  • ½   Clear + ½ of your color mixing ratio: 
  • 1 part color (regular tonal series) + 1.5 parts of oxidizing emulsion  
  •  1 part color ( highlifters series) + 2 parts of oxidizing emulsion 
  •  When Using Clear solo for a soft lightening effect: 
  • Use 1 part Clear + 2 Parts of oxidizing emulsion 10, 20, 30 or 40 Vol
Using Neutral 
  • Creative permanent color neutral shade is a pigment desaturator that contains 1% ammonia.
  • Use as little as 10% Neutral + 90% regular tonal series/ metallic shades or for pastels shades use up to 90% Neutral + 10% regular tonal series/ metallic shades. 

Ordering Creative Permanent Color

Contact your local sales rep to learn more about getting Creative Permanent color in your salon. If there is not a milk_shake distributor in your area, call our customer service department at 973-396-2654 or login to our Pro shop>>   For technical questions about the color please contact the hotline at (973)-767-7878.