introducing: milk_shake® integrity reconstruction system

introducing: milk_shake® integrity reconstruction system


milk_shake® Integrity Reconstruction System

The innovative reconstruction system that restores the hair’s essential

components to give back its maximum beauty potential.

There are many causes that alter the structure of the hair fibre: aggressive chemical treatments, the excessive use of heated tools, the sun, and environmental aggressors. When the hair appears weak, dull and fragile, it tends to break easily. A targeted treatment is needed to repair and strengthen the resistance of the hair fibre.

milk_shake® integrity reconstruction system is a new generation of products that act on the core of damaged hair via a specific technology that reconstructs the hair in two steps:

step a

milk_shake® integrity rebuilder

This is the most important step, where the hair’s foundation is restructured for healthy, perfect hair. In this phase, a net that represents the hair’s structure is built around the hair, intervening on the most damaged areas.


step b

milk_shake® integrity fibre sealant

Once the foundation process has been completed, the fixing phase begins. A binding ingredient is needed within the hair fibre that guarantees the stability of the created net structure. The external layer of the hair needs protection that allows precious ingredients to stay within the hair. It specific formula seals and compacts the cuticle with a film-forming action, giving hair a healthy shine.

"the beauty treatment

for healthy, nourished hair"

milk_shake® integrity leave in

Maintains the results obtained via the treatment for longer, giving hair unprecedented manageability and softness.

Use: spray the product from roots to ends, insisting on the most damaged lengths and ends. Proceed with styling. This treatment is suitable for all hair types and is ideal to maintain the results of the in-salon treatment at home.

An amazing improvement right after the first application: the hair appears shiny, soft and strengthened from within.


milk_shake® integrity reconstruction system products contain AMINO ACID COMPLEX*, a plant-based keratin with 18 wheat and soy amino acids with an antioxidant, strengthening and protective action.

Its structure gives damaged hair what it needs: / keratin / proteins / amino acids

Other targeted ingredients are added to this complex, aimed at perfecting the action of the treatment:

/ hyaluronic acid

A super-hydrating ingredient of low, medium and high molecular weight that penetrates easily into the hair fibre.

/ organic muru muru butter

Repairs, nourishes and strengthens the hair.

/ organic buriti oil

An excellent natural antioxidant that repairs the damage caused by free radicals.

/ milk proteins

Give strength and resistance to the hair fibre.

/ organic fruit extracts

Organic strawberry and goji extracts have a protective, toning, emollient and conditioning action.


A customized treatment for any hair type

Depending on how much care the hair needs, the products used for the reconstruction treatment may vary.

There are 3 levels of intensity of the milk_shake® integrity reconstruction system service, according to the hair’s condition:




It is possible to intervene with a targeted action, delivering balanced active ingredients according to the hair’s real needs, with a customized and efficient treatment.

For a long-lasting result, it is recommended to follow a maintenance routine at home using products from the milk_shake® integrity range.



Proven efficiency on the hair of 20 women with damaged hair, split ends, and who habitually have hair coloring treatments. % of satisfaction of 20 women who, after having had the first professional milk_shake® integrity reconstruction, grade the descriptive parameters as being good or excellent.


Clinical trials on the hair of 20 women under the supervision of a doctor specialized in Dermatology, after 3 weeks of professional treatment (one treatment per week) and at home maintenance treatment using milk_shake® integrity demonstrate an improvement in the evaluation parameters.


The analysis under the microscope* shows an increase in the thickness and visible improvement of the surface of the hair after 3 milk_shake® integrity reconstruction treatments.

All the women who have tried the milk_shake® integrity reconstruction system recommend the professional treatment and at home maintenance treatment!

All of the experimental results refer to the professional treatment using milk_shake® deep cleansing shampoo, integrity rebuilder A, fibre sealant B, leave in, intensive treatment/nourishing conditioner (for coarse/fine hair), plus the at home maintenance treatment using milk_shake® integrity nourishing shampoo, intensive treatment/ nourishing conditioner (for coarse/fine hair).

*Morphological analysis under a scanning electron microscope.