Make My Day: Our simplest, most enjoyable care routine

Make My Day: Our simplest, most enjoyable care routine

Wouldn’t it be great to have an easy to recommend hair care routine that works for any client? Something that takes the guesswork out of identifying the exact hair issues or desired results? Something that not only gives great hair but is also fun and easy to use? That’s exactly why we created the Make My Day range.  

Make my Day adds a little something extra to your client’s hair care routine. Featuring our iconic sweet vanilla scent, signature milk proteins and fruit extracts, Make My Day is the perfect first step into the world of milk_shake. Get them started in the in-salon treatment and send them home with their new favorite hair care routine! 


Customizable in-salon treatment

We designed the Make My Day in-salon treatment to be an easy add-on service. Each treatment comes pre-measured, making application and pricing super simple. Our nourishing milk mask forms the base and is combined with one of three vitamin boosters depending on your client’s hair needs. This creates a custom treatment for your client, without any additional hassle for you!  

To apply the Make My Day Treatment: 

  • STEP 1 
  • Cleanse the hair with make my day shampoo. Rinse and repeat if necessary. 
  • Should the hair have excessive styling residue or sebum, cleanse the hair with deep cleansing shampoo. 
  • STEP 2 
  • Mix the make my day mask booster with the milk mask according to hair type. Apply to clean, damp hair, over lengths and ends. Process 10 minutes and rinse well.   
  • STEP 3 
  • Apply the classic whipped cream to clean, damp hair. Proceed with styling. 

The Make My Day treatment can be performed along with color services and is the perfect addition to any cut and styling appointment.  


Simple, enjoyable at-home care

We believe that hair care should be three things:  

  1. Effective: Your client’s hair should look and feel amazing  
  2. Healthy: Not only for hair, but for people and the planet too! 
  3. Enjoyable: With unique textures and delicious scents to create a memorable experience.  

Our latest hair care range ticks all of these boxes and makes it easy. Make my Day provides a perfect entry point to a prestige hair care line without the pretense. Designed for frequent use that benefits all hair types and textures with our iconic sweet vanilla scent, Make My Day creates a simple, enjoyable hair care experience.  

/Shampoo: A nourishing cleanser that is gentle enough for daily use 

/Conditioner: A luxurious texture that delivers just the right dose of hydration 

/Whipped Cream: Our original, fan-favorite formula with updated packaging 

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