This is Why Natural Ingredients are So Important

This is Why Natural Ingredients are So Important

Have you ever stopped to think about why you choose to use natural products? Most chemical alternatives are faster and cheaper, promising “advanced” results and “cutting edge technology”. Especially in the beauty industry, where “new” always seems to mean somehow better, the fight to incorporate more natural ingredients has been an uphill battle. The argument for slow and steady seems to have no place in beauty, and yet…here we are.

To us, it seems like common sense to think that anything that comes from the earth is automatically going to be healthier and better for you than something comparable grown in a lab. After all, humans have been living alongside nature since, well, we’ve been here.

The idea that healthy, beautiful hair requires a holistic approach is anchored in using natural ingredients. We’ve gathered a few reasons why we believe that natural ingredients are better but would love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

 Less exposure to toxins and chemicals

Anything that you put on your body, eventually makes its way into your body. Toxins and chemicals applied to the skin and hair are broken down and passed through the bloodstream, eventually finding their way all through the body. Just as its important to feed yourself good, natural food, so its important to care for your body with good, natural products.

Natural ingredients also tend to be gentler than their chemical counterparts, which leads to less potential side effects from use. Let’s take surfactants for example, like SLS. sodium lauryl sulfate is a chemical cleaning agent that has been historically used in cleaning products like soap and shampoo. The reason SLS is so effective, is because it strips away oils, in order to provide a “squeaky clean” surface. This can have a huge impact on overall scalp and hair health, however, which is why most of our products are SLS free.

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Better for the Environment

What goes on in the shower, unfortunately does not stay in the shower. Harsh chemicals from personal care products wash right down the drain and eventually find their way to our rivers and oceans. This has caused immeasurable damage to fish and other aquatic life. By cutting down on how many foreign contaminants we include in our care products, we can ensure that our waste is broken down faster, with minimal impact to wildlife and ecosystems.

Beyond just the negative impact to the environment after a product has been used, natural ingredients cause less harm to the environment while the product is being made. Synthetic ingredients have a huge carbon footprint to produce, while extracts from fruits, grains, and dairy are able to be harvested and extracted from natural sources.

Better Smelling

What would you rather smell, bleach or tea tree oil? Both are strong antiseptic disinfectants, but one smells like the community pool and the other smells like a shady tree on a warm summer day. Smells that occur in nature are just more pleasant, period. Our sensory wiring gives preference to anything that could potentially be food, and I don’t think any of us want to even come close to ingesting some of the things listed on most product labels.

Our natural fragrances is one of the first things that both beauty professionals and their clients notice about milk_shake products. Even our hair color uses gentle scents derived from flowers. This creates a relaxing and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

While it can be tempting to chase after the latest technology and cutting-edge science, it is possible to do so while still keeping natural ingredients at the forefront. Science and nature can work hand in hand to create effective, sustainable products that are better for people and the planet.