Using treatments to increase salon profits

Using treatments to increase salon profits

In-salon treatments are a powerful tool to have in your arsenal when it comes to increasing salon profits. This year, milk_shake has released two easy-to-use, even easier-to-promote treatment services: insta.light and Make My Day. With these two new services you have a service that can be tailored to any client that walks through your salon door and bring a serious boost to your salon’s bottom line. Here's how... 

Treatments are a great add-on. 

Who doesn’t love shiny, healthy hair? Since both insta.light and make My Day can be performed after color, cut, or before a blow-out, they make for an ideal add-on service. These “micro-services” are a great way to increase your overall ticket price, allowing you to make more profit per appointment, without overwhelming your clients. 



They have a built in retail opportunity. 

Both Make My Day and insta.light make suggesting supporting retail products easy. The second step of the insta.light service uses insta.lotion. This liquid hair mask is used after cleansing in place of a conditioner. Clients can also use insta.lotion at home to prolong the effects of the service.  

The Make My Day backbar treatment is supported by a full care line, including shampoo, conditioner and a whipped cream leave-in conditioner. This super simplified line features our signature sweet vanilla scent, milk proteins and fruit extracts and is designed for frequent use.  

It can stand alone.  

If you have a client who doesn’t need a trim, isn’t looking for a color touch up and doesn’t do blowouts, you can recommend insta.light or a Make My Day treatment as a standalone service. If your client is mainly loking for cosmetic effects—maybe they have an event coming up that doesn’t warrant an updo, and needs more longevity than a blowout—insta.light is the way to go. 

If your client is more concerned about hair health and wants to address specific concerns, a customizable Make My Day is the way to go. 

Pricing & Profits 

We’ve seen salons price an insta.light service at anywhere from $25-$60, depending on location, and whether or not the client is sent home with an insta.lotion to keep. The average cost per application of insta.light is right around $4 and the effects of the service last through 3 washes.  The Make My Day Backbar service sits right around $1.50 CPA and we’ve seen salons charge $10-$15 for this service.  

Both options give you plenty of room to increase ticket prices in a way that provides real value to your guests.