When to use which milk_shake toning shampoo

When to use which milk_shake toning shampoo

The 3 milk_shake toning shampoo families are designed to neutralize brass in a wide range of hair colors. Between our Icy Blond, Silver Shine, and Cold Brunette families, we have all of your clients from level 6 and under to level 10 and above, covered! Here, we will go over each toning family and who they are designed for and give recommendations on how to prescribe a toning shampoo, based on a real-world example. 

Tinted shampoos for Blonde hair 

Icy Blond is a black-tinted shampoo & conditioner that deposits ash tones onto very light or platinum hair. It is designed for ultra-high lift platinum, cool-toned blondes. Because it is a color depositing shampoo and conditioner duo, it is not recommended for white hair. The results with Icy Blond are pretty dramatic (it is a TikTok super star, after all!) and clients LOVE the black formula. Added Bonus—it smells like sweet grape! 

Silver Shine is purple-tinted shampoo & conditioner that counteracts yellow, brassy tones in blond, grey, or white hair. Silver Shine is designed to be used on cool-toned blonde's levels 7 and up. The vibrant purple pigment in the shampoo neutralizes brass tones, keeping blondes cool and clear.  

Silver Shine Light is a purple-tinted shampoo with 50% less pigment than our original formula. It has the same effects as the original but can be used more often without the risk of staining. Both Silver Shine and Silver Shine Light have a mixed berries scent 

Both our Icy Blond and Silver Shine families are fantastic pre-toners. They can help keep unwanted brass out of your blondes, directly after lightening. 

Tinted shampoo for brunette hair 

Cold Brunette is a blue-tinted shampoo & conditioner that counteracts orange, brassy tones in dark blond and brunette hair. It is designed for levels 6 and darker and keeps cool brunettes clear. It has a delicious, candied fruit scent. 

When to use which toning shampoo 

The best way to know which toning shampoo to recommend to a guest is to Identify the lightest tone in the hair and use the corresponding shampoo & conditioner. Let’s look at a real-life example from @parlorhmstdio: 


In this case the recommended toning Shampoo for this client would be Silver Shine. This is because her highlighted level is higher than 7. The exception to this rule is when prescribing Icy Blonde 

Not only does Icy Blond neutralize brassy tones, it also deposits pigment and is designed specifically to be used on ultra-light, ash-toned blondes. This shampoo & conditioner combo keeps cool ash tones in the hair in between color maintenance appointments.