when to use which: Smoothies vs. The GLOSS

when to use which: Smoothies vs. The GLOSS

We know that you know when to reach for a permanent color. But what about our semis and demis? 
Let’s talk about when you might want to reach for smoothies versus when our liquid demi permanent gloss may be a better choice. 




Grey coverage 

When it comes to grey coverage, Smoothies wins hands down. While the GLOSS provides exceptional toning and brilliant shine, Smoothies’ semi-permanent formula gives greater coverage (up to 75%).  

This semi-permanent colour line has the soul of a demi-permanent and provides the most beautiful grey coverage. While this Smoothies will fade out over time (as all semis and demis do) this will result in an almost imperceptible blend.    

While many guests think that complete coverage is the way to go when they see their first few greys, a blend can leave them with less noticeable grey and no lines of demarcation during regrowth.  


The GLOSS has a high-shine, translucent finish, making it the perfect choice for toning blondes or adding depth and brilliance to brunettes and redheads. Beyond simply depositing tone, the GLOSS also improves the condition of the hair —making it healthier than it was before treatment 

Smoothies has a slightly more opaque finish than the GLOSS, but not as opaque as our permanent color lines Creative Permanent, 9 Minutes, and Multicolor.  Our gentle-yet-powerful semi-permanent color gives shine and vibrant color tones.  



Hair health 

Both smoothies and the GLOSS are ammonia free, making them exceptionally gentle on hair and scalp. They are both also chockful of beneficial ingredients to promote hair health. 

Smoothies’ formula includes our signature milk proteins and fruit extracts alongside other natural ingredients like honey, cocoa extract, and Integrity 41.   

The GLOSS—our acidic pH, liquid demi-permanent color treatment—contains hyper-fermented prickly pear extract, amino acid complex, blueberry extract and Integrity 41.  If you’re looking for a hair color that also doubles as a treatment, the GLOSS is going to be your go-to. The secret is in the acidic pH, which helps to seal the cuticle.  

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