Why should salons care about vegan products?

Why should salons care about vegan products?

Clients are becoming more concerned with whether or not the products that they are using are aligned with their core value—especially lifestyle choices. Whether it’s for religious/spiritual, health or animal welfare reasons—more and more consumers are opting for a plant-based lifestyle—which doesn’t just include what they are/are not eating. Simply put, the number of clients who care about plant-based products is growing—and fast! 

This is why we created a full vegan-friendly hair care range—flower power. All of the healthy hair benefits with none of the animal-based ingredients.  

When it comes to veganism—the most restrictive of these options—the exclusion of animal ingredients isn’t just on what someone eats, it also extends to what products they wear and use. While we will always stand by the power and effectiveness of milk proteins as a key ingredient for healthy hair, we also recognize that hair healthy should be accessible to everyone. Even if you don’t use animal products.  

Veganism, by the numbers.  

Healthy living is so hot right now. The number of people who are incorporating a more plant-based lifestyle approach is growing. According to the World Animal Foundation, 6% of the U.S. population identifies as vegan and a whopping 39% want to be. Let’s take into account that vegans overwhelmingly tend to be women under the age of 35 and we are talking about a substantial portion of the typical salon’s clientele.  

Having products tailored to fit this growing demand is one way to set your salon apart while also appealing to a growing category of salon clients.  

Our Flower Power range uses powerful soy proteins for strength, moringa oleifera for hydration and integrity 41 to protect color and increase shine. It also has a gorgeous sweet floral scent with notes of delicate jasmine and gardenia, with subtle peach and nectarine undertones.  

The full range includes a shampoo and conditiner, leave-in treatment mask and leave-in conditioner spray.  

You can learn more about the Flower Power range here>>>