Blue Velvet : Boho Chic Technique

Blue Velvet : Boho Chic Technique


step 1

Separate the hair using the "Hybrid" technique, which separate the hair into three sections: an internal area, an external area and a fringe area.

step 2

Thin the internal area, take the first central section, pull to 180° and using a comb, define the length. Cut a horizontal line.

step 3

Using the mobile guide strand, pull the following strands to 180° and cut in the same way.

step 4

Separate the first strand horizontally and cut, checking the horizontal line again. Proceed in the same way over the entire internal section.

step 5

Starting from the top of the head and reaching just above 3-4 cm behind the ear, create two transitory separation on the right and left. Next, separate the first strand vertically, pull it to 90° and cut a vertical line.

step 6

Using the mobile guide strand, continue cutting in the same way, reaching the transitory separations.

step 7

Check the next side layering.

step 8

Separate all of the left side strands vertically, distribute over the transitory separation and cut, following the guide line.

step 9

Repeat the same procedures symmetrically over the right side.

step 10

This layered technique gives soft, light movement directing the hair towards the face.

step 11

Define the perimeter of the shape.

step 12

Using a slight curved movement of the scissors, cut the side perimeters using a back diagonal.