Blue Velvet : Rockabilly Technique

Blue Velvet : Rockabilly Technique


step 1

Separate the hair using the "Halo" technique, which is a circular separation around the top of the head, then a separation at the back, two on the sides and one in the fringe area.

step 2

In the back section, separate the first central strand vertically, pull to 90° and cut a vertical line using the slide cutting technique.

step 3

Using the traveling guide, proceed in the same way over the entire back section.

step 4

STEP :4 Separate the first strand from the right side vertically, pull it perpendicularly over the stationary guide and cut, creating a front diagonal line.

step 5

Proceed over the entire right side section using the same technique.

step 6

Use the same technique on the left side, repeating all of the procedures symmetrically.

step 7

This layered technique creates a greater adherence of the hair around the head, giving light forward movement in the side areas.

step 8

Divide the first strand from the circular section horizontally, pull to 180° and cut, creating a gentle left diagonal.

step 9

Proceed in the same way with the following strands, alternating the cutting line.

step 10

This cutting technique, called criss-cross, created alternated layers, giving multi-directional movement to the hair, with different effects, depending on the type of diagonal cut that can be created on each strand: gentle, medium or strong.

step 11

Distribute the small fringe section forwards and downwards, take a guide strand and cut, creating a medium diagonal.

step 12

Proceed with the cut, modifying the diagonal from medium to strong.