black shampoo made for bombshell blondes

icy blond deposits delicate ash tones to keep brass out of very light blonde, platinum and gray hair.

this black shampoo for blondes is a serious best-seller.

Our fan-favorite tone controlling shampoo has sold out TWICE! Fully restocked, Icy Blond is back and ready to deposit ashy tones onto your cool blonde hair. This professional-quality product is sold at milk_shake salons.

Active ingredients chosen with care.

The active ingredients in icy blond products enhance the natural beauty of hair, leaving it soft and shiny. The sweet and evocative grape fragrance gives a delicious happy moment of joy during application.

milk proteins

supplement and condition the hair’s structure.

Integrity 41®

sunflower seed antioxidant complex that guarantees long-lasting color over time.

grapeseed oil

known for its emollient and nourishing action. Provides protection and softness to the scalp and hair.

quinoa proteins

protect color and prevent fading, increasing the manageability and shine of the hair.

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