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milk_shake creative permanent color - metallic shades

100 ml / 3. 4 oz

METALLIC these don’t have a level but rather a well-defined tone defined by a dominant grey hue. Should always be applied to lightened hair. 


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METALLIC these don’t have a level but rather a well-defined tone defined by a dominant grey hue. Should always be applied to lightened hair. permanent color with natural honey and milk proteins milk_shake creative permanent color has a conditioning and protective cosmetic base to maintain hair integrity and condition the hair shaft, while protecting scalp and hair during the hair color process. milk_shake creative permanent color has a high percentage of concentrated, pure, stable high-quality pigments to guarantee long-lasting perfect grey coverage, brilliant intense tones, specific shade control and vibrant shiny color. The rich results of milk_shake creative permanent color come from its ingredients:

/ milk protein with conditioning action

/ amino acid complex, containing a vegetal keratin based on 18 wheat and soybean amino acids and an antioxidant, that reinforces and protects hair while improving its appearance and structure

/ natural honey with soothing and protective properties on scalp and a conditioning effect on the hair stem

/ conditioning and hydrating agents for soft, easy to comb hair

/ sunflower oil with emollient action for easy handling

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The milk_shake creative permanent color richness is guaranteed in terms of results by special ingredients. High quality pigments, high purity, stable, concentrated for excellent results:

  • they ensure intensity and beauty of highlights,
  • they guarantee a perfect coverage of grey hair


The color is formulated with the new concept of molar balancing which allow the achievement of more vibrant colors and more intense highlights. Molar balancing avoids the undesired reactions between pigments by preventing the unwanted formation of molecules, thus increasing color duration.

Active ingredients chosen with care.

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milk proteins

milk proteins have a conditioning action on the hair.

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complex of amino acids

a complex of 18 amino acids, derived from wheat and soy that substitute animal-based keratin.

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blueberry extract

blueberry extract has emollient, hydrating and nourishing properties.

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natural honey

natural honey has soothing and protective properties for the scalp and is a conditioning agent for the hair.

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sunflower oil

sunflower oil has emollient actions, and gives manageability to the hair.

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conditioning agents

conditioning and hydrating agents give softness and manageability. Help preserve hair integrity, while conditioning the stem, protecting the skin and hair during the coloring process.

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