3 Blonde formulas you can use right now

3 Blonde formulas you can use right now

Based in British Columbia, Canada milk_shake stylist Chelsea MacDonald know a thing or two about winter blonding. On her Instagram profile (@hairbychelseamac) Chelsea showcases tons of gorgeous, wearable blondes that can suit just about any client.  

Chelsea created these three gorgeous looks using milk_shake Decologic lighteners to lift and Smoothies semi-permanent hair color to tone. Check out her creations and process, below.  

Pretty in Platinum  



Photo credit: @hairbychelseamac

Chelsea crafted this lightener re-touch using 20 vol. And toned with Smoothies ½ 10AAV and ½ 10AA with Activating Emulsion.  
When creating high drama looks like this, after care is essential. Send your clients home with the right care producs to protect and nourish ultra-high lifted hair, while keeping brass at bay.  

milk_shake recommends: Icy Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner 

Golden Hour  


Photo credit: @hairbychelseamac

Not every blonde wants to be a platinum and not every skin tone works with cool shades. This foilayaged look started off with 10 vol, working up to 20vol and toned with milk_shake Smoothies: 2/3 10AG and 1/3 10NV + activating Emulsion.  

Blondes can warm up with hints of gold and still maintain a brass-free sunlit look. The key is maintaining moisture levels and enhance vibrancy, gently. 

Milk_shake recommends: Sweet Chamomile shampoo, conditioner, & leave-in 

Multi-dimensional Blonde 

Photo credit: @hairbychelseamac

By far the most broadly wearable, this multi-tonal look can work on just about any client. Chelsea full-foiled her client and tones with milk_shake Smoothies in ¼ 9NB, ¼ 10NB and ½ 10AG + Activating Emulsion.  

No blonde wants to be hit with brassy undertones after a full foil service. Keeping their newly lightened locks healthy and evenly toned between appointments is key for lasting, beautiful results.  

milk_shake recommends: Silver Shine Shampoo, Conditioner, & Whipped Cream 

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