4 Ways You Never Thought to Use Silver Shine

4 Ways You Never Thought to Use Silver Shine

Recommending silver shine maintenance products to cool blonde clients has (hopefully) become part of your daily routine by now. After all, no icy blonde wants those brassy undertones to come creeping back after the toner starts to fade. In fact, short-lived toner is the number one complaint for platinum and other cool blonde clients—which is why silver shine was developed.

But did you know that it can do more than just neutralize brass in cool blonde shades?

Oh yes, it’s true.

Before you know it, you’ll be talking up this versatile trio of products to anyone who will listen. Let’s look at all the ways that silver shine—well, shines.

1. The Toner-Booster

Sometimes you get a client that gravitate towards icy shades, despite their naturally warm undertones. It can be really tough to kick stubborn orange and red hues completely without causing additional damage to the hair. Using silver shine shampoo and conditioner at the backbar, after a color service may just be the answer.

The violet pigments will intensify the action of your toner, giving you a cooler result without any extra steps.

2. The Salt & Pepper Perfecter

The same purple tiny that makes silver shine work wonders for cool blonde shades also does a number on white and gray clients. By counteracting any lingering warmth, grey and white hair looks shinier, crisper and more dramatic. It can make the difference between a client feeling like that are resigning themselves to “going grey” and embracing their silver foxiness.

The extra hydration in silver shine whipped cream also helps keep hair with less pigment feeling softer and more supple, making it a natural suggestion for clients with aging hair concerns.

3. The Hard-water Neutralizer

Additives in water can discolor blondes pretty quickly. Even natural blondes and those with warmer, more honey tones may notice a slight discoloration after using hard water for a while. Using a purple shampoo like silver shine can help to neutralize these discolorations. While it cannot lighten a client’s hair, silver shine can counterbalance added warmth from water additives, by balancing them with cooler tones.

4. The Pastel Superhero

One of the biggest problems with pastel and fashion colors is how quickly they fade. If you have a client who is dye-ing for blue, purple, grey or aqua hair but is nervous about adage, silver shine can help.

Using silver shine once a week after the color service, can help to maintain blue tones in the hair, which can help prolong the life of some cooler fashion colors.

The silver shine trio is no one trick pony. If you had previously only thought of these family of products as being useful to a small portion of your client population, hopefully these tips will have you singing a different tune. Silver shine was designed to help neutralize the negative effects of one of the most damaging service out there, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a little fun on the side. Healthy, beautiful hair, no matter what the color or process…that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.