5 New Shades for Creating Cool Blondes and Brunettes

5 New Shades for Creating Cool Blondes and Brunettes

Cool blonds and brunettes are all the rage right now, which used to mean multiple steps during the color process. First, you’d have the lift and then deposit and follow it all up with a good, reliable toner to neutralize any brass. Without new expanded creative permanent colour line, you can get the coolest results, in less time.

If you’ve ever wanted to take your warmer under toned clients into the cooler shades, now is your chance. We’ve developed 5 new shades to expand our natural series of creative permanent color, giving you all of the freedom to express your creativity without limits.

Our New Shades

We’ve expanded our full range of creative permanent colors to include 5 new cold natural shades designed for hair with warm undertones. These new shades complete the naturals and more natural series and include some of the most requested colors in the salon:

Natural Ash Medium Brown (4.01/4NA)

Natural Ash Light Brown (5.01/5NA)

Natural Ash Dark Blond (6.01/6NA)

Natural Ash Medium Blonde (7.01/7NA)

Natural Ash Light Blond (8.01/8NA)


Our cold naturals provide maximum grey coverage without the need for additional ash tones, so you can achieve the same look with less product. Cold naturals counterpose unwanted warm undertones during the lifting phase. When used in combination with other cool shades, they enhance the effect, providing a stronger cool result.

About milk_shake creative permanent colour

Our full range of permanent creative color is divides into 18 tonal series, a high-lift ultra-blonde series and a neutral (clear). It is specially formulated with an innovative amino acid complex that protects and restores the integrity of the hair. With ingredients like:

natural honey: soothing and conditioning properties for scalp and hair

sunflower oil: provides manageability and emollient action

blueberry extract: hydrating and nourishing properties

milk proteins: for powerful conditioning

Creative permanent color delivers exceptional color results with added healthy benefits. Our natural ingredients also lend themselves to a sweet, honey scent which is sure to enhance your clients experience during their color service.