How much time and money could you save with 9 minutes hair color?

How much time and money could you save with 9 minutes hair color?

When you’re running a service-based business your time and expertise are your products. When you are at work, every moment is either costing or making you money. While it’s important to price your services accordingly, it’s equally as important to streamline your workflow in order to minimize waste.

Any time you can do quality work in less time, you are adding money to your bottom-line.

So, what if you could reduce the time it takes you to complete some of your most requested hair color services by two-thirds? With milk_shake 9-minutes color, that is a very real possibility.

A faster hair color makes money

The average salon hair color appointment lasts about 1.5- 2 hours, with anywhere form 30-40 minutes of that being processing time. If that is the case, it’s likely that a single stylist can accommodate about 5 or 6 color clients per day.

If you were able to cut the amount of time needed for processing from 30 minutes to 9, that frees up almost two hours per day. Put another way, by using a faster processing color, you could potentially add an additional 2 color clients to your day, working the same number of hours.

That adds up, fast.

This could also be a potential solution for color clients that have been wary of spending 90 minutes+ inside a salon. By offering to break up their appointments into smaller pieces, you can show that you respect their health and safety concerns. If you can whittle their color appointment down to under 1 hour and book a separate appointment for their cut, you may just get them back in the salon.

The bottom line is, if you can tweak your routine a little to save some time on each appointment, it adds up to increased earning potential at the end of the day.

9 minutes color: an overview

In order to shave time off hair color appointments, you need faster processing color. That’s where milk_shake 9 minutes color comes in. With a wide range of shade choices, full grey coverage and a light, floral scent, this color range delivers more than just a quick processing time.

9 minutes color offers a wide range of 36 permanent shades from ashes to chocolates. There is also a high lift shade, and a clear option—to soften and desaturate for a less intense shade. This complete color range also includes 24 additional shades, to maximize your creative option. What’s more, you can mix in milk_shake pure pigments, to add a new dimension, or extra “pop” to any existing 9-minute color shades.

As with all milk_shake color products, 9 minutes color was crafted with your clients’ hair health in mind. By using hyper-fermented daisy extract, this color range introduces proteins and amino acids, and vitamins back into the hair, during the color process. 9 minutes color also offers an extra conditioning base, for soft, shiny color.

While it may be tempting to swap out all of your tubes for 9 minutes color, it’s not designed to be a “one size fits all” solution. 9 minutes color is progressive color. Which means that it needs to be applied very quickly. Once 9 minutes color is mixed with the chosen oxidizing emulsion, it is ready to apply. The recommended time for color application is 10 minutes.

Another thing to keep in mind is that clients with extra stubborn greys, or very coarse hair will require an additional 2-3 minutes processing time.