Shiny healthy hair color with The Gloss

Shiny healthy hair color with The Gloss

We all want hair color that is effective and easy to use and for that, liquid formulas simply can’t be beat. When creating the gloss — our innovative liquid, low pH, demi-permanent hair color—we took it even further by ensuring our latest color product would also be extremely versatile for use in the salon and beneficial to the hair’s overall health.

This ammonia-free liquid formula allows you to create custom color services for clients with high levels of added shine. The gloss can be implemented in four different service types and leaves hair in better condition than before it was colored. By focusing on keeping pH levels low, we created a color that improves the integrity of the hair shaft, allowing for longer-lasting color and high-wattage shine.

Why pH levels matter

It’s no secret that keeping pH levels balanced is one of the foundations of healthy, beautiful hair. While a client’s daily routine is key, salon services can often throw even the most balanced haircare regimen off-track.

Typical color services often use a high pH level to lift the cuticle in order to deposit color onto the shaft. However, the low pH levels of the gloss actually counterbalance this damage by causing the cuticle to constrict and lay flat. This not only locks in moisture—another benefit of an oil-based color—but it also helps the hair shaft to lay smooth. This reduces frizz and increases shine.

The gloss is a true acid-based color. When mixed with the activator, this gentle but powerful demi-permanent hair color has a pH level of 6.7. This ensures amazing color tones without modifying the hair’s natural structure. While its foundation is in respecting the hair’s natural integrity, the gloss delivers superior grey coverage (up to 50%!) and corrects and tones chemically treated hair. After application, the gloss’s effects last through 15-20 washes.

milk_shake The Gloss demi permanent hair color 1

Natural Ingredients for Added Benefits

The gloss incorporates several powerful fruit extracts, to infuse hair with added health benefits. Both the color formula and activator are enhanced with Prickly Pear extract, a naturally powerful antioxidant. This super fruit is also high in natural sugars, pectins, minerals and Vitamins C and E.

Our state-of-the-art extraction process reduces fruit waste and uses naturally occurring hyper-fermentation which increases antioxidants and flavonoids by more than 50%. This aids in the reduction of harmful free-radicals, preserving the health and integrity of the hair. 

The gloss also includes our amino acid complex, to aid in keratin production, along with blueberry extract for nourishing phytonutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The color formula also contains sunflower seed extract, for additional emollient properties, and the activator incorporates our patented Integrity 41 complex, for additional hair health benefits.

All of these natural benefits result in hair that is nourished, radiant, and full of life.

The Gloss in Your Salon

The gloss fits well into any salon service menu and can be used in combination with other milk_shake color products for a total of four unique services.

colour gloss

Use the gloss after a lightening service to tone, modify or intensify a desired shade.

hd shine

Use the special Neutral shade in combination with milk_shake integrity reconstruction fiber sealant to deliver high shine without additional color toning.

gloss and colour

Combine milk_shake smoothies conditioning semi-permanent color with the gloss for additional grey coverage and unbeatable shine and softness.

hd color

When you apply the gloss in conjunction with a milk_shake illuminate pure pigment color service your color toning results will be greatly intensified. Use this combination for high-definition custom color.