What is the best shampoo to use after a color service?

What is the best shampoo to use after a color service?

No matter what service you are providing in your salon, there is a milk_shake shampoo for that. Determining which ones can/can’t, should/shouldn’t be used after which services can be a little tricky. Let’s break it down: 


After Lightening 

If your raw lift comes out a little brassier than you’d like, you can pre-tone using either Icy Blond or Silver shine shampoo—depending on your desired result.  

Icy Blond/ for ultra-light to platinum (levels 8+) ash-toned blondes 

Silver shine/ for light to ultra-light (levels 8+) cool toned blondes and grey/white hair 


After toning/ single process color 

We always recommend sealing in your tones with Color Specifics color sealing shampoo after a depositive color service. Color Specifics conditions hair after coloring by smoothing the hair shaft and locking in cosmetic color, for longer-lasting color and improved shine. Contains a mix of milk proteins, vitamins, emollient, conditioning agents, a UV filter and a film-forming agent for the maximum expression of color and soft, shiny hair.  

To Use / Apply to clean, damp hair, leave in for 1-3 minutes, comb through and rinse. 

After texture/care services 

All 4 of our texture services have corresponding shampoos, specifically designed to be used with their respective services. Here is a quick refresher: 

  • When performing a smoothing service, you will want to use k-respect preparing shampoo before the treatment, and the k-respect smoothing shampoo after the treatment to seal in the results.   
  • When performing a Make My Day in-salon treatment, you will use Make My Day shampoo & conditioner 
  • When performing an insta.light service you will use the insta.light shampoo before the service begins.