Blue Velvet : Bombshell Technique

Blue Velvet : Bombshell Technique


step 1

Separate the hair using the "3 levels" technique, that divide the hair into 3 levels: a diamond shaped section created around the top of the head, and two external sections, separated with a zig-zag parting.

step 2

Distribute the hair from the first level downwards and cut, creating a horizontal line.

step 3

After having isolated and blocked the sub-section, take the first strand from the right section of the second level, pull to 180° and cut a high diagonal using the slide cutting technique.

step 4

Using the mobile guide strand, proceed over the right side, distributing the strands at 18°, and cut in the same way.

step 5

Use the same technique over the left side, repeating the same procedures symmetrically.

step 6

The choice of the length of the cut of the second level will depend on the hair type, the shape of the head and the desired result, accentuating or reducing the created movement.

step 7

Distribute all of the hair from the external area downwards and, with a slightly curved movement of the scissors, cut a backward diagonal.

step 8

Proceed in the same way over the front perimeter.

step 9

Divide the first strand of the diamond section horizontally.

step 10

Pull it to 180° and using the slide cutting technique, cut the first part in a gentle diagonal. Proceed with the cut, modifying the diagonal from gentle to strong.

step 11

Pull the second strand to 180° and cut in the opposite direction, repeating the same procedures.

step 12

This cutting technique, called criss-cross, created alternated layers, giving multi-directional movement to the hair, with different effects, depending on the type of diagonal cut that can be created on each strand: gentle, medium or strong.